Sunday, September 13, 2015

The worlds worst bounty jumper

Worcester Massachusetts Spy, Aug. 20, 1862

On Aug. 7, 1862 Stephen Williams of Worcester enlisted in the 21st Regiment. On signing he received $139.00 bounty and sent to Camp Cameron. He deserted the first night and went home. On Monday the 18th he attempted to wound his hand to get out of service & almost cut off three fingers. With proper care it was believed his fingers could be saved. At this point he was arrested & sent back to Camp Cameron. On Wednesday he deserted again. The very same night he was arrested again in Worcester. Officer Sawtelle found him hiding under his bed. The next day Sawtelle & his prisoner boarded a train for Boston with the promise he would cooperate if he was not handcuffed. When they reached West Needham he jumped off the train at 20 MPH. The train was stopped and Sawtelle recaptured his prisoner. On arrival in Boston Williams was delivered to Col. Day who put him in a cell to await orders.

Dan Sullivan

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Description of Civil War Camps

This comes from "My Days and Nights on the Battlefield" by Charles Carleton Coffin, s Civil War era journalist.

"but there is activity everywhere. Drums are beating, men assembling, soldiers marching,and hastening on in regiments. They go into camp and sleep on the ground,  wrapped in their blankets. It is a new life. They have no napkins, no table-cloths at breakfast, dinner, or supper, no china plates or silver forks. Each soldier has his tin plate and cup, and makes a hearty meal of beef and bread. It is hard-baked bread They call it hard-tack, because it might be tacked upon the roof of a house instead of shingles. They also have Cincinnati chicken. At home they called it pork; fowls are scarce and pork is plenty in camp, so they make believe it is chicken!
There is drilling by squads, companies, battalions, and by regiments. Some stand guard around the camp...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clarke S. Edwards, Maine 5th, 1861?

I found this link to a letter that sold on Amazon. It shows Edwards at "Camp Cameron No. Cambridge" with an unknown number of men.

The details in the letter do not fit with the history of the Regiment. I assume he was sent home to recruit replacements for the regiment and this is his bringing them to the front. The letter is undated but the seller assumed it was in 1861.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

16th Regiment CO "C" From Groton at Camp Cameron

Groton H. S.
Descriptive Book

CO “C” 16th Reg
Last First Rank Age
Nutting Henry S. 1st Sergt. 27
Stiles Milan A.? 2nd Sergt. 26
Gould Warren 3rd Sergt. 25
Cummings Charles M. 4th Sergt. 22
Chandler Marcus M. 5th Sergt. 22
Bond Nathaniel Corporal 19
Harris John 19
Rand Miron 22
Hersey William S. 29
Davis Granvil G 32
Parker Gerome S. 38
Litchfield William F. 22
Spaulding Marcus M. 21
Wright Morton G. Private 18
Sherbourne James G. 21
Lawrence Eben N. 20
Bond Phineas S. 25
Butterfield Joseph A 19
Hunter Joel A. 20
Dow Thomas E. 21
Ingalls Albert P. 19
McDonald John 22
Gradam Christopher 23
Smith John 23
Wilson Thomas E. 18
Willis Andrew L. 21
O'Connell William F. 18
Hutchinson George 22
Nolan Timothy 25
Hardy Charles M. 22
Wheeler William H. 20
Morley John F. 22
Lynch George 18
Armstrong James   Private 19
Sibley Alfonso 26
Buker William H. 19
Bond Charles A. 18
Graham James A. 18
Estes George C. 19
Young James G. 21
Murray Patrick 18
Falls George S. 19
Killburn Joseph A. 31
Callahan Patrick 26
Clark Joseph L 19
Sawtell Albert A. 27
Adams Rosewell G. 21
Bicknell Nathan D. 24
Gardner Charles H. 32
McNally Patrick B. 20
Ames Albert A. 21
Sheen Patrick 21
Gardner George B 19
Irish  Joseph   19
Richards John F. 21
Evans George S. 33
Bostwick Julius G. 44
Brooks Jonathan 23
Bowley Joseph P. 23
Lawrence Joel A. 29
O,Neil Nicholas 19
Rand  Joseph A. 19
Wells William T 21
Elderidge Joseph W. 18
Litchfield George M. 18
Serles Charles P Private 24
Fairbrother  Cyrus G. 26
Hartwell Albert L. 20
Coughlin Michael 21
Stevenson G. 18
Blood William   18
Tillitson Eugene 19
Allen Adoneriam E. ? 22
Newell William   18
Lawrence Alfred 25
Galligan Frank 21
Brooks Asa W. 41
Norcross George E. 18
Robbins Daniel W. 18
Lawrence Winfield T 18
Claffey John P. Musician 18
Flint James F. Waggoneer 42
Bicknell A. Private 18
Mannining Edward 27
Denton Jefferson 18
Blood John N. 21
Claffin Harrison G Teamster 40
Butcher John Private 30
Sweetser Atkins 45
Walker Samuel 21
McAuley Matthew 39
Clark Matthew 21
Campbell Michael 35
Baker John 21
Atherton Walter M. 21
Cox Michael 33
Houghton Albert C. 18
Nourse Oliver L. 20
King Leander Capt. 31
Hinds William H. H. 1st Lieut. 40
Metcalf William   2nd Lieut. 40
Barnes George A. Private 20
Graichen ? Frank 27
Hoyt Daniel N. 19
Read John H. Musician 43
Isaac John Private 24
Hoyt Otis Capt. 23

Otis Hoyt was actually in the Waltham company.

This is a list from the descriptive book of the company. It lists men at Camp Cameron and can be found at the Groton historical society.